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Boys and Girls 7in 1981 back.jpg

Type: instrumental, B side.

Written by: Oakey / Wright

Produced by: (unknown)

Released: 1981

Tom Baker is the name of an English actor (b. 1934) famous for his role as Doctor Who in the BBC TV series of the same name. He played the part from 1974 to 1981. This instrumental track is in the style of incidental music made for the series around that time by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

Although the track was probably recorded by just Oakey and Wright after the group had split in 1980, it is included as a bonus track on the CD re-releases of the pre-split Travelogue album.

A close-up photo of Baker, possibly photographed from a TV screen by Adrian Wright, features on the rear of the picture cover for the Boys and Girls single.

Versions and availability[]

Version available on
Tom Baker (4:02
  • Boys and Girls (7" single, 1981)
  • The Sound of the Crowd (EP, Canada, 1981)
  • Travelogue (CD releases, 1998 and 2003)


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