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The Sound of the Crowd is the title of an EP released by The Human League in 1981 in Canada only. It is similar to the standard 7"/12" UK single release although contains more tracks.

The EP includes the extended mix of the title track, the instrumental remix "Add Your Voice" as well as both tracks form the previous single "Boys and Girls" b/w "Tom Baker" and further includes the short instrumental track "Dancevision" which had been written recorded and produced by by now former band members Marsh and Ware as The Future.

With the exception of "Dancevision", production credits are attributed to Martin Rushent, although this was certainly not the case with the tracks "Boys and Girls" and "Tom Baker".

The artwork for the 12" is practically identical to the 7"/12" UK counterpart, with the same artwork serving as the basis for the cassette liner.

The 12" plays at 33 rpm.

Track listing[]

Virgin - VEP 304 12" [1]/ cassette[2]

Side A

  1. The Sound of the Crowd*
  2. Tom Baker

Side B

  1. Boys and Girls
  2. Dancevision
  3. The Sound of the Crowd (Add Your Voice)

*this is the 6:30 extended version although this is not stated on the release.