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This is a fan wiki of the British group The Human League. It has no official connection whatsoever with the group itself, its management or any of its output, visual or audible.

Object of the wiki[]

The Human League is the name of a British musical group active from around 1977 to the present. The group is notable for its general policy of producing music using electronic instruments only and as such has become to be regarded as among the pioneers of electronic pop music, also known as synth-pop or more recently as 'electronica'.

This Wiki is an attempt to bring together a history of the group through its musical and visual output, using material either from the internet or from fans' personal collections and memories. Information given can be considered correct to the best of our collective knowledge but is in no way definitive or final.

All fans of The Human League are welcome to contribute. Add your voice.


Wherever possible entries should all belong to one or more categories.

Main categories are: Songs (including cover versions), Singles, EPs, Albums, Compilation albums , Band members, Producers, Record companies, Contemporary artists, Related artists... Entries are also categorised by year.


Contributors are invited to adhere to the following conventions in written entries.

Group name: the group should always be referred to as "The Human League", or "Human League" in the case that the definite article is repetitive (eg. "the next Human League album"). The same also applies to associated artists such as The Future and The League Unlimited Orchestra, and to any other musical groups eg. The Beatles, The Glitter Band etc..

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Album titles: album and EP titles should be written in italics (Travelogue, Greatest Hits, Holiday '80).

Song/singles titles: individual song titles may be written with or without double inverted commas, but not in italics ("Darkness", Blind Youth), also in the case that they have been released as singles ("The Sound of the Crowd", Never Let Me Go).

Capitalisation: Capitalisation should follow musicbrainz rules where 'minor' words are written in lower case ('The Sound of the Crowd', 'Do or Die').

Dates: dates should be expressed in the format "30 November 1984". Dates cited in references can be expressed as 30.11.1984, or 2014-11-30. Years pertinent to a particular page should be categorised (eg. 1983).

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