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Rock 'n' Roll is a song recorded by The Human League, included on the EP Holiday '80 . It was originally written by Gary Glitter and Mike Leander, and released as a single by Glitter as 'Rock and Roll Part 1' (b/w 'Rock and Roll Part 2') in 1972.

Rock 'n' Roll was issued as a single track on the single 7" release of Holiday '80 , but is segued into another cover version, 'Nightclubbing', on the 2x7" and 12" releases. The tracks remained exclusive to Holiday '80 until being made available as a single track on the CD releases of the Travelogue album (1988, 2003).

Rock 'n' Roll has never been made available as a single track in digital format, as opposed to Nightclubbing which was issued as a single track on A Very British Synthesizer Group anthology in 2016.

The original formation of The Human League appeared for the first and last time on Top of the Pops on 8 May 1980 to perform the song which was in the lower reaches of the UK charts. The TV exposure did not however bring any further success to their single. A recording of the performance features on the DVD included in the deluxe version of A Very British Synthesizer Group.


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