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Nightclubbing is a song writen by David Bowie and James Osterberg (Iggy Pop) and recorded by The Human League in 1980. Their cover version, produced by John Leckie, was released as part of the Holiday '80 EP, issued as a single track following on immediately from the other cover version on the release, "Rock 'n' Roll". 

Although "Rock 'n' Roll" had been issued as a standalone recording, "Nightclubbing" was not released as a single track until 2016 when it featured on the first CD of the A Very British Synthesizer Group anthology.

Song history[]

The song was written by Bowie and Pop during their period of working together in 1976/1977. It was possibly one of the last tracks recorded for Pop's The Idiot album and has been considered a forerunner of the style used by Bowie on his successive Low album, with its stark minimal production, use of synthesisers and electronic drum machine.[1]

The track was included on the soundtrack for cult film Trainspotting (1996) together with another track by Iggy Pop, Lust For Life, from the same period.

Versions and availability[]

Iggy Pop original[]

version available on
original version[2] (4:15)
  • The Idiot (1977, 1990)
  • Trainspotting OST (1996)
  • A Million in Prizes: The Anthology (2005)
  • Essential (2011)
Baby Doc remix (5:52)
  • Trainspotting #2 (1997)

Human League cover version[]

version available on
Rock 'n' Roll/Nightclubbing

Holiday '80 EP (2 x 7" release, 1980)

Holiday '80 EP (12" pic label, Japan, 1981)

Travelogue (CD re-issue, 2003)

Don't You Want Me: The Collection (2014)

Nightclubbing (3:00) A Very British Synthesizer Group (2016)

Other cover versions[]

Another notable cover version of "Nightclubbing" was recorded by Grace Jones and is included on the album of the same name released in 1981, as well as on some compilation albums.[3]


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