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Holiday '80 is the title given to an EP released by The Human League in April 1980. The EP was released both as a four track 2 x 7" version in a gatefold sleeve, and as two different three-track 7" singles. A 4-track 12" version was also released.

The release was a taster of the band's new sound which would feature in the forthcoming album Travelogue. The two releases have only the new version of 'Being Boiled' in common.

Overall the release got to no. 56 in the UK charts, enabling the group to appear on Top of the Pops on Thursday 8 May 1980 to perform Rock 'n' Roll. This was the first and last time the original formation would appear on the show.

Track listings[]

2 x 7" Holiday '80[]


The Human League - Holiday '80 (2x7-Inch, Single) -1980-

(Virgin: SV 105 - gatefold sleeve)

Side A: Marianne (3:14)

Side B: Dancevision (2:15)

Side C: Being Boiled (4:10)

Side D: Rock 'n' Roll / Nightclubbing (6:20)

7" (1) Holiday '80/Rock 'n' Roll[]

Side A: Rock 'n' Roll (3:25)

Side B: Being Boiled (4:10) - Dancevision (2:15)

7" (2) Holiday '80/Being Boiled[]

Side A: Being Boiled (4:10)

Side B: Marianne (3:14) - Dancevision (2:15)

12" Holiday '80[]

Side A: Marianne (3:14) / Being Boiled (4:10)

Side B: Dancevision (2:15) / Rock 'n' Roll / Nightclubbing (6:20)