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12" single front cover

Hard Times / Love Action (I Believe In Love) is the title of a 12" record published by The Human League in August 1981. The recording brings together the two tracks "Love Action (I Believe In Love)"  and the B-side "Hard Times", published as a 7" single at the same time as the 12".


12" vinyl release[]

Virgin 12" - VS435-12

The record contains two versions of each song. The A side features the 7" version of "Hard Times", followed by a version of "Love Action (I Believe In Love)", which is longer than the standard 7" version. The two songs are linked together by the characteristic electronic 'meow' sound (sometimes referred to as 'the cat') which opens "Love Action". The release label gives a total time of 10:09. The B side features remix versions of each song, cited as "instrumentals" with an overall running time of 11:10[1]. These versions also feature on the album Love and Dancing, released in 1982.

Hard Times Love Action CD 1988 medium.jpg

CD single release[]

Virgin - CDT 6

The CD single release issued in 1988 features all four versions but splits them into four separate tracks with individual timings for the first time. The release has the same cover as the original 7" but bears the title "Hard Times" on the actual disc.[2]