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Hard Times is a song written by Oakey/Wright/Callis, produced by Martin Rushent and released by The Human League as a B-side to the single "Love Action (I Believe in Love)" in 1981.

The song is an up-tempo instrumental dance track with the occasional interjection of the words "hard times" by vocalists Oakey and Sulley/Catherall. The words are taken from the lyrics to "Love Action", "I've had my *hard times* in the past.", the two words sung collectively by the three.

The song was not included in the Dare album although the the remix is the opening track of the Love and Dancing album. 

Versions & availability[]

 There are basically two versions of the song, the standard 7" version and a remix originally released as an "instrumental" on the 12" B-side. On the 12" release, Hard Times is the first track on both sides and is paired with Love Action (I Believe in Love) as a seamless "segue". The two songs are linked by the characteristic electronic 'meow' sound (sometimes referred to as "the cat") which can be heard at the beginning of "Love Action". (See: Hard Times/Love Action (I Believe in Love) )

version available on
7" version Love Action (I Believe in Love) 7" (1981)

Fascination! EP (USA/Canada, 1983)

The Best of The Human League (1997, 2004)

Original Remixes & Rarities (2005)

Fascination! (digital EP, 2008)*

Greatest Hits on CD&DVD (2012)

Don't You Want Me - The Collection (2014)

A Very British Synthesizer Group (2016)

"instrumental" remix Hard Times/Love Action (I Believe in Love) 12" (1981)

Love and Dancing (1982)

Love Action (I Believe in Love) CD single (1988)

Dare/Love and Dancing (2002)

Live versions[]

A live version of the song can be heard on the Live at the Dome CD/DVD (2005). The recording is of a concert performed at The Dome in Brighton in 2003. "Hard Times" is the opening tack immediately followed by "Love Action (I Believe in Love)".