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The iconic cover design is attributed to 'Philip and Adrian' (ie. Oakey and Wright) with photography by Brian Ars and layout and coordination by Ken (Ansell). The logo and close-up face photography idea almost certainly comes from the covers of Vogue fashion magazine.

US Vogue cover 1980s.jpg





Original 1981 LP The original vinyl album was released in a gatefold sleeve with the photo of only Oakey on the front, Sulley and Catherall on the inside and Wright on the back. Photos of Burden and Callis were featured on the inner sleeve together with album credits on one side and full lyrics on the other.
Dare 1981 UK vinyl inner sleeve Burden Callis.jpg
Original 1981 cassette The cassette version featured only the group logo and album title, without any photographs. The fold out inlay card however reveals all six band members in individual facial close-ups but with their eyes closed.
Dare UK cassette 1981 inlay front.jpg
Dare cassette UK 1981 inlay card group photos eyes closed.jpg
Dare! LP sleeve variation Some European and North American releases feature Dare! (with added exclamation mark) as the album title for both vinyl and cassette releases. These also feature the facial photographs of four group members on the front, as non-UK Dare or Dare! vinyl releases are in regular LP sleeves (rather than gatefold).
Dare! album cover front - non UK issues .jpg
1981 LP picture disc Dark blue or white vinyl disc with Oakey face on A side and other five members with group name logo in 'clock' design on B side.[1]

Exclamation mark appears.

Dare pic disc 1981 side A.jpg
CD releases Initial CD issues (appearing from 1983) used the single photo front and exclamation mark.

Later CD issues generally feature the single Oakey photo on the front cover and Dare without the exclamation mark.

Dare CD EU 1983 front with case.jpg
Dare Love and Dancing 21st anniversary edition cover.jpg
Japanese CD release A notable exception to the 'Oakey photo on the front' rule is this 2011 Japanese CD which features the photo of Catherall on the front (with Sulley on the rear). [2]
Dare JP CD 2013 Catherall front.jpg
'Back to Black' series vinyl pic disc Issued in 2013 white vinyl with large logo and smaller Oakey photo on front. Comes in transparent plastic sleeve and plays at 45 rpm.

Photos of Callis and Burden are excluded from the B side the disc.

Dare BTB pic disc 2013 side A in plastic sleeve.jpg
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