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Dancevision is a short instrumental track written by Ian Marsh and Martyn Ware and released by The Human League on the Holiday '80 EP.


According to information given on the EP sleeve it was "recorded by opposite Kelvin Flats, Sheffield on budget Sony 2-track Nov 77 Ian + Martin as the Future".

Although the track was not included on the The Future official release The Golden Hour of the Future, a longer version of the track credited to The Future appears on Horology 2 - Clockdva, The Future & Radiophonic Dvations.


The track was also available on both the single 7" Holiday '80 releases, and later included on the CD re-issues of the Travelogue album (1988, 2003).

It was also included on the The Sound of the Crowd 12" and cassette released in Canada only in 1981.[1]


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