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(Keep Feeling) Fascination is a song written by Callis/Oakey, produced by Martin Rushent and the Human League and released as a single by The Human League in April 1983.

It was the follow-up single to the previous hit 'Mirror Man' and equalled its success by reaching no. 2 in the UK charts.

The song was originally released in three different versions for the 7" and 12" releases: a shorter 7" verson, and extended version and an 'improvisation' dub mix.

The song also formed the basis of the Fascination! EP originally released in the USA and Canada only in 1983.

Content & lyrics []

The song includes a distintive synthesiser riff and bass line (played by Ian Burden on bass guitar) and also features four main vocalists, with Oakey, Callis, Sulley and Catherall taking it in turns to sing the lines from the verses, a bridge bartione vocal by Oakey and then and all four singing the chorus.

Single release[]

Release ad in Smash Hits magazine

The single was released in both 7" and 12" formats in early April 1983 in the UK and went straight into the UK charts at no. 16. 

Both covers bear the 'RED' marking next to the group name, as used on previous 'dance' singles.

As well as production credits, the 7" and extended versions also state 'Remixed by Chris Thomas'.


The B-side to the 7" release only was another new track, an instrumental entitled Total Panic written by Oakey/Callis/Burden. The track remained unique to this release before being issued on the Fascination CD re-issue in 1988 (although not on the original 1983 Fascination! EP) and on the Original Remixes and Rarities CD in 2005. Total Panic is also the closing track of the 2012 Dare/Fascination! CD release.


no timings are stated on labels on th UK releases although appear on the labels of some overseas release. See Versions and availability below for timings.

Virgin 7" - VS 569

A. (Keep Feeling) Fascination

B. Total Panic

Virgin 12" - VS 569-12

A. (Keep Feeling) Fascination - extended

B. A. (Keep Feeling) Fascination - improvisation


The colourful sleeve design features a photographic montage of the six group members which gives the impression of each one 'flying' (with the exception of Burden who is standing and looking upwards at the other members). The multi-coloured group name logo, which drops the definite article and which would later appear on the Hysteria album and successive singles, is used here for the first time. 

The title 'Fascination' (without any parenthesis) is written across the bottom of the cover. Both the 7" and 12" versions are identical.

  • Canada sleeve

(Keep Feeling) Fascination CANADA 7in 1983 front.jpg

The sleeve of the 7" Canadian release is similar to the Fascination! EP. The rear of the sleeve states that 'Fascination' is taken from the "mini album and cassette" of the same name.[1]

  • Greece sleeve

Fascination Greece front.jpg

A 12" single version released by Virgin in Greece has a different front cover, showing only Phil Oakey and a crash helmet, the wording 'HUMAN LEAGUE RED' and 'FASCINATION'. The regular front cover picture is featured on the back, with tracklisting. Side Two erroneously lists '(Keep Feeling) Total Panic' whereas this is actually '(Keep Feeling) Fascination (Improvisation)' plus Total Panic. Tracks are therefore as per regular UK issue.

Promo video[]


The Human League - (Keep Feeling) Fascination


Chart performance[]

  • UK chart entry: 16
  • UK chart peak: 2 (kept off the top by Spandau Ballet's True)
  • Weeks on Top 40: 7
  • Weeks on UK Top 100: 9
  • Billboard 100 peak: 8 (20.08.1983)
  • Weeks on Hot 100: 20

Top of the Pops[]

  • The group performed the song on TOTP for the first time on 21 April 1983 (introduced by Janice Long & Richard Skinner) when the single was at no.16. They appeared for the second time on the 1,000th edition of the show on 05 May when it was at no.3.
  • Coincidentally Heaven 17 appeared on the same shows with Temptation when the single was at nos. 31 and 8 respectively. It peaked at no.3 the same week that (Keep Feeling) Fascination peaked at no.2.

Versions and availablity[]


7" version (3:45) 7" single, all 'Best of' albums, other VV AA compilation albums (except AVBSG).
Extended version (5:00) 12" single, Fascination EP, Dare/Fascination! CD, A Very British Synthesizer Group,
Improvisation (6:15) 12" single, Fascination EP, Dare/Fascination! CD,

Original Remixes & Rarities [2],

Groove Collision TMC mix (6:48) The Very Best of The Human League (CD2)
live Live at The Dome (2003 performance)
promo video Greatest Hits (VHS), Greatest Video Hits (VHS), The Very Best of The Human League (DVD), Greatest Hits On CD&DVD (Sight & Sound series), A Very British Synthesizer Group (DVD).
TOTP 5/5/83 video A Very British Synthesizer Group (DVD).

See also[]

  • "Happy Days?", interview by Ian Birch in Smash Hits, issue 28 April - 11 May 1983, pp.8-9 (includes song lyrics)

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